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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cameraman Captures UFO’s Passing By The Moon

Cameraman Captures UFO’s Passing By The Moon

A group of UFO's attempt to pass b the moon were caught on tape by a cameraman who has been filming the Moon with the help of a a high-definition digital camera and telescopic equipment. He claims to have captured several UFOs passing the moon.Video clips were uploaded on video sharing site YouTube enticed UFO enthusiasts to share it to their own circle of social media connections.
 “I am not saying this is an alien, but it is a ship being intelligently controlled.” - Crrow777

Crrow777, as the camerman calls himself claims that he never posts any fake or hoax evidences, he only manipulates zoom, colour and contrast to further accentuate and highlight anomalies that he catches on camera rather than mislead viewers. The cameraman also claims to have discounted objects orbiting Earth.
“You will see only video I have personally shot. Everything is in high definition, and a lot of it is shot through an eight-inch telescope. I have shot UFOs, chem trails and the UFOs that accompany them, the Moon, lunar UFOs and space anomalies. I make a pledge to all subscribers on my channel to never run false or deceptive clips and I will never edit the clips in a way that is deceptive. What you see is what I observe through my camera and telescope.”

Crrow777 was able to receive acclaim and praises for his great camerawork.But no one can have it all as he also have his own share of detractors and non-believers.


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