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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Space Lizard Captured On NASA's Mars Photo

A Space Lizard Captured On NASA's Mars Photo

A new image that was taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover goes to show that a space lizard may exist on planet Mars. It is apparently on ‘high alert’ that's seen to be sitting among some rocks on Mars. Sources reported the sighting after thorough studying of the raw image from NASA. They have decided that it was a breed of a lizard creature. This sighting came in just weeks after users reported seeing a space crab on the planet’s surface.
“The creature looks like a lizard, but with a short tail. I tried hard to get a close up of it. The head is shiny and looks like it has an outer shell on its head, but its body, arms and legs look like they do not have an outer shell, but a skin,” -

Scott C. Waring also claims that it is easy to create the features of the spooky creature
 “Its head is cocked in such a manner that shows us it is on high alert over the rover’s presence, With evidence like this, I really wonder why NASA rover is not reporting seeing any of these life forms that UFOlogists have reported?” - Scott C. Waring
Looks like Planet Mars has a lot of intriguing entities living in it. The crab. the alien woman were also seen from this Planet weeks ago. Is this already a concrete evidence that there's a parallel world that is existing in Mars?

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